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"If you've ever thought 'Someone should do something about that litter problem', remember, you're someone."

Joel Goldes has visited the creek in his suburban Southern California community nearly every day. And for the past six years, he's been picking up litter, trapping invasive crayfish, opening blocked channels, and testifying at local hearings - often the lone voice in support of the under-appreciated ecosystem near his home.

Why does he do this? For him, the answer is simple: he has a responsibility to improve the world he lives in. But thousands of other residents pass this spot every day, never giving it a thought.

Keeper of the Creek reminds us that

one committed person truly can make a difference.



The Acorn, August 23, 2018

Joel Goldes, a 54-year-old Oak Park resident who makes daily trips to nearby Lindero Creek to remove trash and invasive crayfish, never expected to be the subject of a documentary film.


The Acorn, July 27, 2017

​During a morning outing with his two dogs last week, Joel Goldes retrieved more than two dozen crayfish from the nine traps he’d set in the water along a quarter-mile stretch of Lindero Creek.


The crayfish purge is part of Goldes’ daily routine.


In the past six years, Joel has picked up 175 bags of trash from Lindero Creek, including plastic water and soda bottles, liquor and beer bottles, soda cans, plastic bags, pet waste bags (full and empty), Styrofoam packing peanuts, Styrofoam cups and food containers, drinking straws, hundreds of tennis balls, footballs, volleyballs, beach balls, soccer balls, baseballs, softballs, ID cards, credit cards, wallets, keys, cellphones, shopping carts, fire extinguishers, hand tools, dead pythons, shoes, socks, T-shirts, sweatshirts, flipflops, jump ropes, hypodermic needles, glass pipes, toilet bowl cleaners, toy dinosaurs, fuel filters, statues, hockey sticks, pumpkin carving tools, scooter mufflers, compact discs, whiffle balls, auto ignition cables, batteries, garden hoses, drain hoses, knapsacks, snack bags, cigarette lighters, ping-pong balls, clothespins, necklaces, dog cone collars, tree-climber’s spikes, rubber o-rings, metal water bottles, misting bottles, coat hangers, skateboards and wheels, aluminum foil, unwanted newspapers and newspaper bags.